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Our Booking Process

Timelines with Florida Keys Bridal Team are as follows:


Please understand that although we are very vigilant with communications, it may take up to 4 days to correspond with you for inquiries and questions. We ask for patience from the Brides as we are extremely busy with weddings and try to get back to them in a timely manner.  If something is urgent or of great importance, they can always text Linda directly at 561-289-2510. 


1. Initial inquiry is received and the elopement form or wedding consultation form is sent to Bride electronically.


2. Once the Bride fills out the form with as much information that she has, FKBT makes up the quote/contract and sends it to the Bride within 1-2 days.  The Bride will look it over and send us an email with any changes she may have before signing.  If there are any changes that need to be made, we will make changes and send it back to Bride for signature.


3. Once Bride signs the contract, she is asked to make her deposit to hold her day.  FKBT will then put her on the calendar as a confirmed wedding.  The cancellation policies are listed on the contract. 


4. Once the Bride is confirmed, we ask her in an email if she would like a phone or zoom consultation with Linda as an introduction call.  If she declines, then we do everything through email.


5. In the contract, FKBT explains about the option for a trial with the Bride.  She can schedule it through an email or text and we will put her on the calendar.  One week prior to the trial time, we check with the Bride to confirm the trial appointment time and address where the trial will take place. If the Bride wants a trial, when she books it, we ask for pictures of her hair to confirm if the style she wants needs hair extensions (we will guide her through the buying process) or not, and if so, that she brings them to the trial. 


6. Two months (8 weeks) out from the wedding, we check in with the Bride for pictures of herself and the desired style if she has not sent them to FKBT prior to this.  Again, we will counsel the Bride on purchasing extensions if necessary.


7. During the time from when the Bride signs the contract to the wedding she can email us anytime with questions.  She will receive revised contracts and payment receipts within 1-2 days. 


8. Six weeks out from the wedding, we ask the Bride for the final head count for services, letting them know about the cancellation policies going forward from that point. 


9. Approximately three weeks out from the wedding is when we usually receive the timeline from the Wedding Coordinator.  Once we receive an email from the Bride and/or the Wedding Coordinator about "first look," photography beginning, and ceremony time, we will make a Timeline letting everyone know what time they are sitting in the chair having their hair and makeup done. Please note: the wedding coordinator will also get the timeline.  At the rehearsal dinner, we ask that the coordinator please confirm with the Bride that she has informed all of her wedding party the times they need to be available for hair and makeup to ensure everything runs smoothly.



Suggested Placement in the 3 Lighthouse houses where makeup and hair are set up: 


Hidden Beach:  If it is a large party (more than 8 girls) it is suggested that we divide the makeup from the hair, putting one or the other upstairs (two work areas upstairs and two downstairs). 


Coral Beach: If it is a large party (more than 8 girls) it is suggested that we have one set up in the bathroom as usual and one makeup set up in the "bridal suite" (the light is good for makeup) and the hair stylists will work in the living room. 


West Beach: As this venue is usually for smaller weddings, hair and makeup is usually done in the Bridal Suite.  


Wedding Coordinators:  If you would like us to send you copies of the contracts, please let us know and we will send them over to you once signed. 

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