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Bridesmaids Hair Do's & Don’ts

Bridesmaids Hair Dos and Don’ts For the perfect Wedding Day.


Should bridesmaid hair be different than bride?

The bridesmaids' styles should be part of the same 'theme' as the bride's own style, in the same way that their dresses should be in a similar style to the wedding dress. Contrast the bridesmaids' style with that of the bride, but keep the overall idea the same


Is it rude not to pay for bridesmaids hair and makeup?


This said, there's probably a bit of etiquette that you could use as a guideline. We'd say there's a fairly solid consensus that the couple should pay for anything beauty-related for bridesmaids, like hair, makeup. There are many factors that will determine this like income, travel and number in party.


Do bridesmaids usually pay for their own hair? Because of the financial climate these days, some bridesmaids will offer to pay for their own services.


Hair Cuts for Brides or Bridesmaids Or MOB, MOG

I don't recommend haircuts before the wedding, only a trim if necessary one month

before the big day.

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