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Etiquette Tips for Professional Makeup & Hair Artists



Etiquette Tips for Professional Makeup & Hair Artists 



  1. Show up 30 minute early

  2. Style your hair and makeup

  3. Get a manicure

  4. Wear Black clean clothes.

  5. Make sure you have your kit clean.

  6. Brush your teeth

  7. Wash your hands before and after each service

  8. Sterilize your hands

  9. Have fun and try to listen and not be a one up person.

  10. Engage in conversation and have fun.

  11. I do have fun .I start to tell all kinds of funny stories.

  12. Do not criticize the venue or any workers.

13.Set up your area and if you are in a private home and using the main dining room table or any tables, ask first if you can use it, then ask for towels to cover the table. I carry insurance and I do not want to pay for a new table. Never put any (brush cleaner or nail polish remover)without it being in a spray bottle. Also Hairstylists need to bring a curling iron holder or rubber mats to place hot irons on. If you do damage, you are responsible for payment of the table, and some of the home have $5000 tables.

You must carry your own liability insurance- many venues will ask you to send it prior to your arrival.

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