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Florida keys Wedding Hair and Makeup Academy
Florida Keys Wedding Hair and Makeup Academy
Award Winning Celebrity Artist Linda Schonning 

Makeup artists and Hairstylists have some of the most creative careers in the world of beauty. My work encompasses jobs in film and television. I have  a fabulous wedding business, The Florida Keys Bridal Team  in the Florida Keys. I have studied at The Westmore Makeup Academy in Los Angeles . The Westmore family has 100 years  grounded within the roots of the earliest days of Hollywood film making. And now you can learn "My techniques " of Hair and makeup. I always learn from the best!!!!!​Every new client presents a new opportunity to express your creative flair and talent for makeup  application and the newest hairstyles.

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Linda C Schonning is one of the world’s premiere makeup and hair stylists of our times.  No personal appearance artist creates such transformational magic as Miami, Palm Beach and Florida Keys based artist Linda Schonning.  Linda is internationally known as an expert who combines her unique methods of hairstyling HD makeup-up artistry, color techniques and teaching with theatrical flair that attracts a following of many of the top talents in the world, which includes such stars at Dyan Cannon, Frankie Muniz, Gloria Estefan, Stephanie Powers, Tony Bennett and Ray McKinnon. Ms. Schonning is a graduate of in Hollywood, Ca., the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, England and Tony and Guy Hair Academy in London, England and the Perma Hair Coloring School in South Miami Florida.  Her schooling along with her thirty years’ experience in the hairstyling and makeup industry, has resulted in many prestigious assignments, awards and credits. She has received many national, state and international awards and credits including national road shows for L’Oréal, where she shared her specialties of “easy make-up and hairstyling techniques” to large groups of fellow hairstylists and make-up artists. Her credits include hair and make-up artistry for movies, videos, and many top commercial clients such as Lancôme, Toyota, McDonalds, Blockbuster and Office Depot.  Also for 12 years with a great team of hair and makeup artists from Miami, Linda has created the commercials, brochures and billboards for all the Sandal Resorts in the 90’s.  Linda’s hair and make-up team were able to create “THE PEFECT LOOK” for film, television commercials, print music videos, resort lifestyle magazine covers, wedding, corporate photos, head shots and catalogs. In 2014, Linda redirected her business from TV and Film to a successful Wedding Hair & Makeup clientele. Florida Keys Bridal Team (in the beautiful destination wedding market of the Florida Keys)  has created over 125 weddings a year using the latest styles and techniques, in hair and makeup always keeping things current by taking online courses and practicing on her mannequins weekly.  But doing this, Linda has updated her styling to keep competitive with the newest trends in the wedding market for hair and makeup, i.e. Instagram inspired styles , Russian 3 D hair, clip in extension utilization, braids and updos for more formal styles

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